Industry-Based Services

eZRobotics provide effective and efficient customized engineering services tailored to the characteristics of
various industries around the world, especially in the automotive, shipbuilding, battery, and heavy industry fields.

3D Scan-Based Vehicle Body Marking System
for Precision Welding


  • Vehicle Body Scanning via LSA Solution + Automation of Precision Marking on Actual Weld Point Locations + Manual Teaching Time Reduction
  • Reviewed the tasks of the marking and scanning robots.
  • Reduced the on-site teaching time of the marking and scanning robots via offline programming.
  • Increased the reliability of the marked weld point
    - Measured new car panels using the laser scanner
    - Reflected the deformation of the panel in the virtual workcell
    - Updated the weld point marking program 
  • Improved the accuracy of the weld point position of the actual vehicle body by teaching the robot with the marked panel.


Shortening of the Welding Quality Stabilization Period for
New Vehicle Implementation