Industry-Based Services

eZRobotics provide effective and efficient customized engineering services tailored to the characteristics of
various industries around the world, especially in the automotive, shipbuilding, battery, and heavy industry fields.

Automated 3D Scanning and Analysis of
Body-in-White (BIW) and Moving Parts


For Product Quality Inspections using Checking Fixture (CF) Jigs
Even in the same environment and conditions, irregular quality inspection results can vary depending on the measurement personnel.
Existing Checking Fixture (CF) Jigs cannot be reused for new product inspections.
Expensive Production Costs of Checking Fixture (CF) Jigs.
For Product Quality Inspections using CMMs
Long preparation time for product quality measurements
Lengthy measurements for product quality
Low user readability and usability of product quality analysis results


  • Construction of an Automated Measurement and Analysis System via the LSA Solution.
  • Removed the need for expensive Checking Fixture (CF) Jigs.
  • Modified and reused robot measurement programs for new product inspections.
  • High-Efficiency Measurement without the Need of Preliminary On-Site Preparation (e.g. Marking the Product)
  • Measured hidden areas within the BIW using T-MACs.
  • Achieved consistent inspection results that did not depend on the experience of the measurement personnel.
  • Generated product quality analysis results with highly readable color map formatting.


Reduced Costs for
New Product Inspection

Increase Product Inspection Efficiency

Standardized Quality Inspection Results

Increased Utilization of Analysis Results