Industry-Based Services

eZRobotics provide effective and efficient customized engineering services tailored to the characteristics of
various industries around the world, especially in the automotive, shipbuilding, battery, and heavy industry fields.

Body Welding, Roller Hemming Applications


  • 3D Manufacturing Process Validation via DMWorks + Virtual Robot Calibration + Robot Offline Programming
  • Validated the manufacturing process for various applications:
    - General Spot Weld, Pedestal Weld, Arc Weld
    - Flow Drilled Screws (FDS), Self Piercing Rivets (SPR),
    - Sealing, Roller Hemming, Pick-and-Place
  • Parts for Roller Hemming: Wheel Arch, Moving Parts (Door, Hood, Tail Gate)
  • Verified roller hemming processes and resources that can be applied to manufacturing multiple product models.
  • Reduced time for on-site robot teaching and quality assurance via virtual robot calibration and robot offline programming.


Minimized the manual
robot teaching time

Shortened the construction period and the quality assurance period
for welding and roller hemming