Industry-Based Services

eZRobotics provide effective and efficient customized engineering services tailored to the characteristics of
various industries around the world, especially in the automotive, shipbuilding, battery, and heavy industry fields.

Digital Manufacturing Engineering Service in a Battery Factory


  • 3D Digital Factory Construction via DMWorks + Entire Factory Process Simulation + Logistics Simulation
  • Prevented various problems in advance by reviewing the manufacturing process of the factory jigs, resources, and the layouts.
  • Reviewed problems of the common resources that produce various battery types in advance.
  • Examined the utilization rates of the factory and the various types of battery production line resources using logistics simulation and proposed an optimal production scenario tailored to the actual factory.
  • Built a realistic 3D layout using the 3D scan of the actual factory.


Reduction of Equipment Manufacturing Costs

Shortening the Development Period for Battery Products