Automated 3D Scanning & Analysis System Integration

eZRobotics provides professional consulting and engineering services for quality control via the integration and
automation of a high-precision metrology and analysis system.

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Automated Measurement and
Analysis System Integration Overview

eZRobotics provides consulting and engineering services for high-precision automated measurement and analysis system solutions by utilizing our own self-developed software, Leica Scan Automation (LSA) Solution software, in conjunction with laser trackers and laser scanners from Hexagon.

The automated measurement and analysis system solution can help shorten the period of establishing the initial quality of the product and minimize the defect rate of the products during mass production via the total inspection of all products. Reports regarding the product quality provides a history log which can be managed and used to deduce improvement plans and procedures.

Why LSA System?

  • Inline/Offline/Near-line Inspection with Absolute Measurement Error of 60 μm
  • Flexible Configuration of the Automated Measurement and Analysis System for Various Products and Environments
  • High-Efficiency Measurement System without the Need of Preliminary On-Site Preparation (e.g. Marking the Product)
  • Shortened Period of Establishing Initial Quality and Minimization of Mass Production Defect Rates
  • Precise Measurement Results and Easy-to-Read Color Map Format in the Analysis Report
  • Quality History Management of All Products via Analysis Result Reports

01 Customized System Consultation and Configuration

System configurations, such as specifications and location of resources that are suitable for the product and environment, are determined through consultations with the customer.

  • Optimal Specification and Layout Determination by Considering:
    • - Size and Shape of Product
    • - Placement and Specification of the Product
    • - Size and Restrictions of the Measurement Environment
    • - Robot Measurement Cycle Time
    • - Safety Regulations of the Factory

02 Optimized Robot Measurement Program Creation

Robot measurement programs that can scan the product with optimal and uniform quality is prepared in advance using the laser scanning and laser tracking simulation of the LSA Solution Software. The generated robot measurement program is then downloaded into the actual robot and will minimize the robot teaching time required on-site.

  • Early Detection and Prevention of Measurement Problems in the Real Environment
  • Optimization of Scanning Control Parameters
  • Application of Ideal Robot Measurement Speed

03 Automated Measurement and Analysis System Construction

Automated measurement and analysis systems are constructed by calibrating the robots, products, and measuring equipment in the virtual workcell to the real-world counterparts. Virtual workcell calibration to the real-world minimizes errors in the robot measurement programs generated from robot offline programming. Moreover, the analysis reports created from measuring the product are used to modify the robot programs already in the actual robot and configure settings as well as parameters to improve the automatic analysis of the measured data.

  • 3D Workcell Calibration
  • Robot Measurement Program Modification
  • System Repeatability for Optimal Measurement Quality
  • Customized Analysis Reporting

Pioneering the World with
Automated Measurement and Analysis Solutions

eZRobotics provides consulting and professional engineering services with customer-specific automated measurement and analysis system solutions at major automotive factories and suppliers including Hyundai/Kia Motors, General Motors, BMW, Ferrari, Tofas/FIAT, and NIO.